Dr. Khaled Al Sheikh Ali Medical Center (DKMC) established in 2015 in Medina Khalifa North, Doha, State of Qatar. The organization took off as managing several entities from various Medical fields such chest & Respiratory, Urology, Pediatric, Internal Medicine Diseases.

By laying a strong foundation over the State of Qatar through pillars of experience, professionalism and efficacy, we gain a reputation in providing only quality medical services also having strong follow-up of our patients.

Dr. Khaled Alsheikh Ali, Holding German Board Certification and Fellowship in Respiratory System Diseases takes initiates to join hands to provide the most efficient and effective health care to our patients in State of Qatar.

Dr. Khaled Alsheikh Ali since 2001 used to work on his own private clinic as a Chest & Respiratory Diseases in Alsad, Doha – Qatar.
In May, 2015 Dr. Khaled Alsheikh Ali Medical Center (DKMC) opened and start servicing patients with other clinics.

After hard work of the years the dream came to reality in shape of Dr. Khaled Alsheikh Ali Medical Center (DKMC).

ISO Certification