Dr. Khaled Al Sheikh Ali

Consultant Pulmonologist


Specialize in Chest and Respiratory Diseases

Languages Spoken

Arabic & German



Medical Qualifications

German Board of Chest Diseases, Asthma and Respiratory Tract

About Clinic

Under the supervision of Dr. Khalid Sheikh Ali Consultant in Chest and Respiratory Diseases, holder of German Board of Chest Diseases, Asthma and Respiratory Tract 

The Chest and Respiratory Diseases Clinic offers the following services:

Diagnosing and Treatment of Pneumonia: Detecting all types of bronchial and bronchial infections (bacterial, viral and atopic), as well as provide accurate treatment that is specific to individual patient needs.]

Diagnosing and treatment of Asthma and Bronchitis: early detection of Asthma in all its forms enables patients to minimize future aggravation of this illness. The clinic in this sense offers:

  • Accurately monitoring and treating the development of asthma in patients ensures patients begin a path of recovery at earlier stages of this illness
  • By diagnosing and treating children who suffer from Asthmatic symptoms at an early age prevents the disease from worsening and aids in healing the child within a shorter time period. The clinic also conducts testing to diagnose and treat all forms of bronchial allergies depending on specific patient needs.

Diagnosing and Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis: early detection of pulmonary tuberculosis enables patients to a speedy recovery. The clinic provides comprehensive medical, laboratory and imaging testing as well as necessary advice to avoid future infection.

Diagnosing and follow-up of Chronic Bronchitis (COPD): by detecting and diagnosing chronic bronchitis through a comprehensive treatment plan, patients avoid progression into serious lung disease. 

Diagnosing and Treatment of Pulmonary Tissue Diseases: which present in the pulmonary tissue as Sarcoid – Pulmonary Fibrosis – Bronchiectasis). The Clinic provides guidance and follow up to all patients catered to their specific requirements.

Diagnosis of Lung Tumors: Through advanced medical screening the clinic provides detection and identification of lung and bronchial tumors in all types (benign or malignant) as well as disease stages.

Evaluation of Lung and Respiratory Functions: the clinic conducts comprehensive assessment of lung functions with the latest equipment, which helps identify the stages and types of all pulmonary diseases, and provide patients with the necessary information to determine the appropriate treatment. The lung function test also provides indication to the health and quality of each patient as well as respiratory tract.

Sensitivity and atopy tests:  We carry out accurate tests of bronchial sensitivity, which reveals accurate information on the factors that cause allergies to each individual patient and also useful in detecting and determining the level of sensitivity in the body of each patient, which benefits the patient to identify the factors that cause the specific allergies .

Smoking Cessation Program: detailed examination of patients reveal the level of nicotine currently is within their systems. The clinic provides a smoking cessation program that allows patients to quit smoking permanently through the IQS system, which works by inducing receptors that help to end the desire for smoking painlessly, in addition to providing effective nutrition advice to each patient aiding them in the permanent abstinence from smoking.