Dr. Basem Hasan

Specialist Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery


Oral & Dental Surgery Specialist

Languages Spoken

Arabic, English



Medical Qualifications

Syrian Board Certification in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

About Clinic

The clinic offers various dental treatments including:

Dental and Oral Surgical Treatments: which include extraction of the molars, wisdom teeth, impacted teeth and the removal of root lesions, and the exposure of canine teeth with the latest surgical techniques.

Cosmetic Treatments: using the latest techniques, including Veneers and Luminaire. Patients will enjoy a bright smile without replacing teeth and painlessly. Such treatments require patients to schedule two sessions, one for clinical measurements and color matching and the next for installation of the veneers. These sessions may be spaced across a single week.

Teeth Whitening using the latest methods from Phillips. The center has Zoom IV: This treatment is done painlessly and the patient will obtain immediate results after a single session that does not exceed one hour.

Best types of Dental Prosthetics: by using the latest methodology in crown procedures, the clinic utilizes zirconia crowns and compensate for the loss of all and/or partial teeth using bridges, crowns, dental implants and prosthetic teeth.

Restorative Treatments: which includes removal of tooth cavities and rebuilding teeth using cosmetic fillings – porcelain and tooth-colored composite resins are other options.

Periodontal Disease (and other infections of the gums) Treatments: periodontal disease is one of the leading factors of tooth loss, we specialize in the latest methodology in oral health. The clinic offers scaling and de-calcification which stops the decline of the gums and remove gingival congestion. The procedure also removes dental pigmentation, especially pigmentation resulting from nicotine in smokers, through the technique ProfiJet All in one treatment session.

Treating Children:  by applying Dental sealants which are a dental treatment intended to prevent tooth decay. Such treatment is recommended for children to help protect their teeth.