Dr. Yasser Shakaki

Specialist Orthopedics & Joint Surgery


Specialist in Orthopedic, Joint diseases and Surgery

Languages Spoken

Arabic, English



Medical Qualifications

Syrian Board Certified in Bone, Joint Diseases and Surgery
Graduated 1991

About Clinic

The Orthopedic Clinic offers the following services:

Full and comprehensive examination of the musculoskeletal system

Evaluation and treatment of spinal diseases through neurological, muscular and bone examination, in relation to the spine, through radiological study

Diagnosing and Treatment of Spinal Ailments such as: 

  • Symptoms associated with pain and numbness in the upper and lower limbs
  • Degenerative diseases of the vertebrae that lead to narrowing of the spinal canal
  • Muscle spasm and rupture of the ligaments of the vertebrae which are  leading causes of back pain
  • Neck ailments, which has become one of the most common complaints in the modern era due to office and desk related work.

Diagnosing and Treatment of Knee-Related Ailments: especially presented with elderly patients. Knee treatments may include Platelet rich plasma (PRP) which is drawn from patient blood sample, separated an injected in the faulty knee. This treatment aids in eliminating knee joint pain and increases movement.

Diagnosing and treatment of pain resulting from neurological diseases of the limbs such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in the wrist, which affects young women frequently

Diagnosing and Treatment of Clubfoot: describes a range of foot abnormalities usually present at birth (congenital) in which your baby’s foot is twisted out of shape or position. In clubfoot, the tissues connecting the muscles to the bone (tendons) are shorter than usual. Clubfoot is a fairly common birth defect and is usually an isolated problem for an otherwise healthy newborn. The clinic also addresses flat foot, leg curvature and the internal / external rotation of the feet and legs

Detection, diagnosis and follow-up of congenital hip dislocation

Treatment of developmental pain that affects children during the period of growth and the associated diseases such as Peretz-Zahal and thigh episodes in children since these diseases are important to be diagnosed in the early stages of the disease

Treatment and follow-up of  injuries to the ankle, such as sprains and tears that affect the joints of the foot

Diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of tendon diseases such as Achilles tendon inflammation and tears that affect this important tendon in the foot. We also deal with calcifications and beaks associated with Achilles tendon injuries  with special care for shoulder tendons that lead to Frozen Shoulder, Tennis Elbow that affects elbows in young athletes which affects women mainly (de Quervain ‘Thumb Extensor’ Tenosynovitis)

Diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of all types of fractures with the application of splints and orthopedic casts.