Dr. Khalid Sheikh Ali Medical Center provides high quality services for the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions and motor disorders resulting from illness, surgery, accidents or pregnancy and childbirth. Physical therapy aims mitigate and correct the effects of injury, disease, and rehabilitation of the injured using various physical means and therapeutic exercises.

Common conditions in which physiotherapy helps are:

Back, neck and shoulder pain, Sports injuries, Rehabilitation after surgery, Rehabilitation after a nervous system diseases such as paraplegia, Problems caused by multiple sclerosis, Movement difficulties in Parkinson's disease, Rehabilitation after a heart attack, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and Cystic fibrosis.

The Physiotherapy department offers the following therapeutic methods:

 Advice and education

 Movement: through training to practice certain movements or exercises, with the aim of improving health, for example, strengthening certain muscles after injury or increasing mobility.

 Manual therapy: The physiotherapist uses hands to massage body tissues, which can help relieve pain, improve blood circulation, improve the movement of parts of the body, and relax.

 The use of medical devices such as Shock Wave or Ultrasound or Thermal energy through an integrated treatment plan, specifically for each patient requirements.